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 Shenzhen Superchampion Tech Co., Ltd. (Creator Digital Tech Co., Limited)  was founded in 2002. As a professional supplier of computer peripheral USB devices in China, Superchampion is specialized in developing and manufacturing RC wireless remote control laser pointer, USB /voip / skype phone, USB multifunctional mouse pad , SIM card reader, USB sound card, USB speaker,USB hub , PC camera,USB gifts,USB gadgets, 2.4GHz wireless remote mouse  and keyboard, USB memory stick, electronic digital photo frame and etc.

      The company is enthusiasm for providing good quality product for the customer. Almost all the products have passed the CE and FCC certification. What's more,some of them have passed the ROHS certifiction. We have our own R&D department with powerful ability of design and updating, and we also can design some personality products to meet your requirements.

    Our products embody many reliable brands, such as DELL, Lenovo and etc in China, and we have gained very great reputations in China by our powerful ability of design, high quality product, rapid response speed, competitive price and excellent after sale serviecs.
   Taking the humanistic culture and splendid future, we have attracted large numbers of conscientious, highly-efficient, energetic elites, dedicated people and looking forward to cooperating with worldwide companies pursuing excellence and progress together.
OEM and ODM are welcomed.

Shenzhen Superchampion Tech Co., Ltd.

Office Address: 22F, YunDong Zone Building,Shazui Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China 

Tel: +86-755-88850627
Fax: +86-755-88294362
E-mail: creatordigital@126.com  hiltontian@126.com
MSN:jennychen518@hotmail.com     Hiltontian@hotmail.com

SKYPE: jennychen518 Skype Me™!

             HiltonTian      Skype Me™!

Website: www.usb-china.com

RC Laser Pointer   USB Stick   Digital Wireless Mouse(2.4GHZ)    Digital Photo Frame    USB Phone    USB Mouse Pad

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Wireless Mouse&Keyboard :

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